Overquantified Life

Big data is offering more ways to quantify the world around us, but brands must be careful not to accumulate more data than they know what to do with. 


New mobile apps and startups allow consumers to optimize the process of buying everything from fashion to medical prescriptions.

Friend-Sourced Travel

Thinking small is a new competitive advantage, as slight changes to features or benefits are creating some of the biggest impacts on value.

Hyper-Local Commerce

New services and technology make it easier for people to keep their investments and purchases local.

Retail Theater

The physical in-store experience, enhanced by social media, will drive loyalty and purchase.

Social Artivism

Artists are using social media to make stronger statements and support social causes that matter to them.

Real-Time Logistics

Online conversation allows instant logistical & supply chain adjustments for brands.

Culting of Retail

Online retailers who offer a unique user experience inspire brand loyalty.

Employees as Heroes

Large and small brands are demonstrating their humanity by celebrating the stories and lives of their employees.