E-mpulse Buying

While e-commerce is changing the way people impulse buy, the integration of mobile devices into the shopping experience has opened up possibilities for real-time marketing that encourages people to make split-second emotional buying decisions in a new way.

Strategic Downgrading

As more products become Internet-enabled and digitalized, consumers are selectively rejecting supposedly improved products and services, opting for simpler, cheaper, and sometimes more functional versions instead.

Branded Utility

Brands are using a combination of content marketing and greater integration between marketing and operations to augment promotions with practical and human added value.

Small Data

As consumers generate increasingly large volumes of actionable, real-time data through their online activities and connected devices, brand-owned big data will lose value and utility.

Branded Benevolence

Companies are putting a purpose greater than revenue at the center of their businesses in order to form deeper connections with consumers.

Engineered Addiction

Thanks to our increasing understanding of the behavioral science behind the formation of habits, marketers, designers, and engineers are creating products and services that are as addictive as possible. 

Selfie Confidence

As selfies take over the Internet, people are debating the roles that this modern form of self-portraiture can play in empowering the marginalized and insecure alike through self-expression.

Shareable Humanity

Content shared on social media is becoming more emotional as brands inject more humanity into powerful content marketing and branded storytelling efforts.

Privacy Paranoia

Data breaches and an increasing focus on the many ways our behavior is now tracked on and offline is leading to a new global sense of paranoia about what governments and brands know about us, and how they might use this so-called “big data” in illicit ways.


The increasingly visual way that we experience and consume the world around us is creating a demand for information presented through efficient design and imagery.