How to See What Others Miss and Predict the Future

After ten years of sharing insights and curating trends that describe how our world is shifting, this edition brings it all together for one final year. Yes, it’s the last year of the Non-Obvious trend series, and so it’s bigger than any other. In this completely revised edition, not only will readers find an updated modern design throughout – but the ten identified megatrends apply insights and predictions from the past ten years to identify BIGGER ideas that will shape our world in the decade to come. The megatrends range from focusing on how we will interact with technology to how we will learn to how we see our own self identity in the future. In addition, like with past editions, this new version includes a detailed and transparent appendix with ratings and assessments of EVERY past trend prediction (more than 100!) along with ideas for how to use these trends and megatrends in your daily life.

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Flux Commerce

The lines between industries erode, leading to a continual disruption of business models, distribution channels, and consumer expectations.

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Protective Tech

As we rely on predictive technology to make the world safer and life more convenient, we struggle with the privacy trade-offs required to make it work.

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Data Abundance

The growing ubiquity of data raises big questions about how it is used, who should own and profit from it, and how it may be biased or flawed.

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Purposeful Profit

Consumers and employees demand more sustainable and ethical practices, and companies respond by adapting products and taking public stands.

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Attention Wealth

In the information economy, our attention holds greater value; leading us to be more skeptical of those who rely on spectacles to manipulate us.

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Human Mode

Tired of technology that isolates us, people seek out and place greater value on physical, authentic and “unperfect” experiences delivered by humans.

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Overwhelmed by technology and complexity, people seek out nostalgic experiences that remind them of a simpler and more trustworthy time.

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Instant Knowledge

The rise of bite-sized knowledge on demand helps us benefit from learning everything faster but increases the risk that we forget the value of mastery.

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Traditional gender divisions are replaced with a more fluid understanding of gender identity, and a reevaluation of how we see one another.

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