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Rohit Bhargava

Founder of Non-ObviousTM

Rohit (ROW-HIT) Bhargava (BAR-GA-VA) is on a mission to inspire more non-obvious thinking in the world. He is the #1 Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of nine books and is considered one of the most entertaining and original speakers on disruption, trends, and marketing in the world.

Rohit has been invited to keynote events in 32 countries and has given more than 100 virtual talks from his home studio. He previously spent 15 years as a marketing strategist at Ogilvy and Leo Burnett and currently teaches marketing and storytelling as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. He loves the Olympics, actively hates cauliflower, and is a proud dad of boys.


“When we asked the Non-Obvious Company to create a virtual training program, what they managed to deliver blew us away!

The non-obvious trends were perfectly customized for our industry and their content and delivery received rave reviews from our entire remote team spread across the country.”

KAUSHAL SHROFF, Digital Marketing Director, Prudential

Non-Obvious Innovation Workshop


Innovative thinking never comes from looking within your own industry. For real non-obvious thinking to emerge, teams need to embrace ideas and strategies from unlikely places. This “non-obvious” in-person or virtual experience teaches participants how to embrace outside ideas and think like a trend curator.

Group 1-min (4)

Leaders and their teams will learn:

  • Mindset training for developing a growth mindset
  • How to adopt the five mindsets of digital and disruptive leaders to drive success
  • A disruptive thinking model they can bring to every meeting and new strategic plan
  • Principles for leading a culture shift and becoming more people-centric
  • Trend curation principles and techniques

Participants who attend this workshop will be able to:

  • Shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, so they are better prepared for whatever the future holds
  • Identify emerging trends so they can plan for the future
  • Drive more innovative and creative thinking at all levels of the organization
Trend Workshop



For leaders who were inspired by watching one of Rohit's keynote presentations, for the first time we are offering a limited number of these "train the trainer" style sessions where you can learn how to teach the art of Non-Obvious Thinking to your own team.

This Masterclass teaches leaders the art of successful workshop facilitation, using the same methods that Rohit has used to teach thousands of professionals how to become non-obvious thinkers. Based on the interactive format used in his popular oversubscribed class at Georgetown University, this masterclass will give you the tools to run your own Non-Obvious Thinking Workshop internally.

Leaders and their teams will learn:

  • How to shift perceptions and help anyone at any level to become a non-obvious thinker
  • Using the signature “haystack method” to inspire better ideas and help teams see around the corner to the future
  • Why disruption is so difficult and how to embrace changes instead of resisting them
  • Techniques for getting buy in on new ideas from all levels of an organization so that those ideas can survive

Participants who attend this workshop will be able to:

  • Teach the five basic elements of non-obvious thinking to their team
  • Bring the core lessons of non-obvious thinking to life in an interactive and memorable way
  • Transform the way team members think about the future and handle disruption in their industry

Non-Obvious Trend Curation WORKSHOP

How to See What Others Miss and Predict the Future


This immersive session gives participants an up-close and personal look at Rohit’s signature “HaystackMethod” of trend curation, known to more than a million followers of his trend research. Live in person or from his home office, Rohit will offer personal hands-on experience curating trends with engaging exercises for every participant to practice and test out the method for themselves.

Group 3-min (3)

Leaders and their teams will learn:

  • 3 reasons trend predictions are wrong and how doing the opposite can save lots of time & money
  • The real secret to preparing for disruption in your industry instead of getting blindsided
  • 5 habits of non-obvious thinkers and how using them can help you actually predict the future
  • The five steps of the Haystack Method and how to use it to observe bigger and better ideas
  • 5-7 original megatrends from our research and how to leverage them in your own work
  • How to plan for an uncertain future and embrace the right mindset to think innovatively every day

Participants who attend this workshop will be able to:

  • A new understanding of what trends are (and what they aren’t!)
  • The ability to use trends as part of their strategy
  • The tools to become idea curators who can pay attention to what’s important
  • Habits for training themselves to have more innovative and original ideas every day (and then act on them)
Group 4-min (3)


How To Use Storytelling For Marketing, Sales, and Innovation


It is harder to earn trust than ever before. People filter out marketing messages, mistrust brands, and have access to information and insight at their fingertips. So how can we become trusted advisors and build the kinds of relationships that lead to deep customer loyalty and recurring sales?

This original and highly actionable workshop teaches participants how to use storytelling to transform communications and get any message to stick in an increasingly skeptical world.

Leaders and their teams will learn:

  • Why it is harder to be trusted today and how to use storytelling to conquer this “believability crisis”
  • How to create genuine customer relationships, build on loyalty and become a trusted advisor for storytelling models
  • Core principles of storytelling inspired by Hollywood and how to use them every day
  • Storytelling lessons for presenting, pitching, having a stage presence, and commanding a room
  • Building a personal brand story to be a credible authority and earn a reputation that precedes you
  • How to infuse existing marketing and communications with more storytelling principles

Participants who attend this workshop will leave with:

  • The ability to craft a better story and more persuasive message
  • Tools for communicating more effectively
  • Forward-looking skills for making connections and being more believable.

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