Engineered Addiction

Thanks to our increasing understanding of the behavioral science behind the formation of habits, marketers, designers, and engineers are creating products and services that are as addictive as possible. 

Shareable Humanity

Content shared on social media is becoming more emotional as brands inject more humanity into powerful content marketing and branded storytelling efforts.

Privacy Paranoia

Data breaches and an increasing focus on the many ways our behavior is now tracked on and offline is leading to a new global sense of paranoia about what governments and brands know about us, and how they might use this so-called “big data” in illicit ways.

Healthy Content

Healthcare organizations feel pressure to create more useful and substantial health content to satisfy increasingly demanding and empowered patients.

Retail Theater

The physical in-store experience, enhanced by social media, will drive loyalty and purchase.

Social Artivism

Artists are using social media to make stronger statements and support social causes that matter to them.

Real-Time Logistics

Online conversation allows instant logistical & supply chain adjustments for brands.

Brutal Transparency

As consumers demand transparency from brands, marketing campaigns are being more straightforward and honest in their communications strategies.