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Preserved Past

Technology is offering new ways to preserve history, changing the way we learn from, experience, and remember the past in the process.

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Brands are embracing their humanity, taking inspiration from other sectors and thinking more broadly about effectively marketing to people first and buyers second.

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Glanceable Content

Marketing effectively today means capturing the attention of a consumer base that is increasingly resistant to the stream of content they see all day.

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Reluctant Marketing

Marketing used to focus almost exclusively on the messaging behind and promotion of products and services, but today, marketers are becoming key to informing their organizations’ product development and research.

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Across media and entertainment, traditional gender roles are being reversed as assumptions about alternative lifestyles and the ways we define ourselves evolve.

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Distributed Expertise

As online platforms change how we learn and gain access to previously unreachable experts, the idea of expertise itself is shifting to become more inclusive, less academic and more accessible in real time.

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Curated Sensationalism

Today, many of the most popular online “news” destinations are replacing traditional journalism with smart curation, gathering content from across the web and using persuasively written sensational headlines to drive millions of views.

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New mobile apps and startups allow consumers to optimize the process of buying everything from fashion to medical prescriptions.

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Degree-Free Learning

The quality of E-learning is skyrocketing, as more students consider alternatives to traditional college educations.

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