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"In 2015 for the first time, the Non-Obvious Trend Report was exclusively released as a part of the full length book featuring not only 15 new trends but also an extensive section on the process of trend curation itself. The book was an instant Wall Street Journal best seller and brought this curation driven approach to understanding the future to more people than ever. The report that year featured popular new trends like “Unperfection” (the preference people often have for naturally flawed and more human products and leaders), “Small Data” (a term to describe the growing amounts of personal data consumers are collected on their own behaviour) and “Everyday Stardom” (an explosion in consumer expectations around getting personalized service in every interaction)."

Awards The Series Has Won...

Small Data

As consumers generate increasingly large volumes of actionable, real-time data through their online activities and connected devices, brand-owned big data will lose value and utility.

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Branded Benevolence

Companies are putting a purpose greater than revenue at the center of their businesses in order to form deeper connections with consumers.

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Engineered Addiction

Thanks to our increasing understanding of the behavioral science behind the formation of habits, marketers, designers, and engineers are creating products and services that are as addictive as possible. 

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Reluctant Marketing

Marketing used to focus almost exclusively on the messaging behind and promotion of products and services, but today, marketers are becoming key to informing their organizations’ product development and research.

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Glanceable Content

Marketing effectively today means capturing the attention of a consumer base that is increasingly resistant to the stream of content they see all day.

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Mood Matching

As tracking technology becomes more sophisticated, marketers are turning to immersive experiences inspired by industries like gaming to make sure that their content adapts to their consumers’ moods.

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Content creators make use of social experiments and real-life interactions to reveal interesting insight about human behavior and build more authentic connections with their audiences. 

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Everyday Stardom

Some of today’s most innovative and influential ideas are coming from complete outsiders whose unconventional quirks disrupt entire industries.

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Selfie Confidence

As selfies take over the Internet, people are debating the roles that this modern form of self-portraiture can play in empowering the marginalized and insecure alike through self-expression.

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