15 Surprising New Trends Changing How We Buy, Sell Or Believe Anything

The first edition of the Trend Report first introduced the idea of “Likeonomics” – which Rohit later developed into the concept for his second full length book. Aside from this idea, the report was one of the first to predict the rise in importance of content curation as a way of organizing the growing ranks of information online. The report also explored the rapid growth of real time customer service through social media and the increasing number of marketing campaigns featuring employees as heroes (ie – “I’m an IBM’er) as well as using “Brutal Transparency” like Domino’s and Southwest Airlines.

Non-Obvious 2011
Wall Street Journal Bestseller

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Culting of Retail

Online retailers who offer a unique user experience inspire brand loyalty.

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Addictive Randomness

Creating “random” or unexpected content creates more engaging consumer experiences.

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Brutal Transparency

As consumers demand transparency from brands, marketing campaigns are being more straightforward and honest in their communications strategies.

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Consumers are broadcasting their locations and creating geo-targeted marketing opportunities in the process.

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Employees as Heroes

Large and small brands are demonstrating their humanity by celebrating the stories and lives of their employees.

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Reimagining Charity

Brands and entrepreneurs are creating innovative new models for giving back.

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App-ification of the Web

Innovative mobile applications allow consumers to bypass the web for transactions and leisure activities.

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Instant PR & Customer Service

Real-time communication transforms essential business functions.

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Crowdsourced Innovation

Brands are turning to crowdsourced platforms to collect ideas from consumers.

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