You know those online personality tests where the results seem to be scripted regardless of what you answer?

No ... um, we've never taken one of those quizzes either!

But the truth is, this result was no accident, as we're sure you already figured out. Rohit
is the perfect fit for your upcoming event - and here are four reasons why:

1. Rohit is a dynamic opening or closing speaker and he's not a celebrity.

As a featured speaker at large events across the world, Rohit is accustomed to the big stage. He's a likeable and "non-obvious" performer who is equally at home in front of 8,000 people or hosting an interactive gathering at an executive team retreat. Plus, he's not a celebrity or an egomaniac. All of which makes him easy to deal with, and a great fit as your first or second keynote speaker - depending on what kind of event you're hosting.

2. Rohit is a non-obvious speaker who combines inspiration with actionable advice so people know what do to next.

Inspiration is a beautiful thing, but it can also be hard to act on. We have all had that moment of feeling inspired, followed by confusion about what we could actually do different in our daily lives. Rohit's talks are inspirational and practical. He shares lessons for how to transform how you read, where to spend your time, what to stop doing and more. As a result, your audience will leave with their notebooks and minds full of concrete ideas for how to shift their perspective and make a change.

See for yourself ... watch Rohit's new sizzle reel:

3. Rohit is a master of bringing outside ideas and stories to your audience while also making it relevant for your industry and event theme.

While working in the world of marketing & advertising for 15 years, Rohit saw it all. He led brand marketing campaigns for breakfast cereal, developed a pioneering B2B strategy for making Intel relevant to computer manufacturers and even once testified in front of an FDA committee about social media in the pharma industry. As a speaker, he has shared his innovation techniques with NASA, taught Schwab financial advisors how to build trust and outlined a new approach to storytelling for content marketers at Coca-Cola.

As a speaker, he brings all of this relevant experience to the stage and draws upon it to create relevant and actionable content that fits perfectly into any industry or event theme. If you're curious to learn more about how he might customize one of his talks for your industry or theme, get in touch using the link below!

4. Rohit integrates a message of diversity, equity and inclusion into ALL of his talks, even when the topic isn't DEI.

Last year Rohit literally wrote a book about diversity and how to build a more inclusive world and workplace with his co-author, renowned DEI expert Jennifer Brown. Whether you're looking for a speaker who can put diversity into a business context, or you're not exactly sure what DEI stands for (it's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by the way), Rohit can help.

In his talks, diversity isn't positioned as a feel-good policy and his goal isn't to call out your audience for being racists. Instead, he believes that diverse thinking and inclusive teams are hallmarks of non-obvious organizations and a diverse mindset help you be more innovative and prepare for the future. Diversity matters because it helps you have better ideas, stronger products and more long term success. And of course it's also the right thing to do.

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