Shareable Humanity

Content shared on social media is becoming more emotional as brands inject more humanity into powerful content marketing and branded storytelling efforts.

Privacy Paranoia

Data breaches and an increasing focus on the many ways our behavior is now tracked on and offline is leading to a new global sense of paranoia about what governments and brands know about us, and how they might use this so-called “big data” in illicit ways.


The increasingly visual way that we experience and consume the world around us is creating a demand for information presented through efficient design and imagery.

Overquantified Life

Big data is offering more ways to quantify the world around us, but brands must be careful not to accumulate more data than they know what to do with. 

Curated Sensationalism

Today, many of the most popular online “news” destinations are replacing traditional journalism with smart curation, gathering content from across the web and using persuasively written sensational headlines to drive millions of views.

Distributed Expertise

As online platforms change how we learn and gain access to previously unreachable experts, the idea of expertise itself is shifting to become more inclusive, less academic and more accessible in real time.


Across media and entertainment, traditional gender roles are being reversed as assumptions about alternative lifestyles and the ways we define ourselves evolve.

Media Binging

As more media and entertainment becomes available on any device on demand, consumers use their newfound control to “binge” on media when they have the time and are willing to pay extra for the convenience.

Subscription Commerce

Businesses and retailers are adopting subscription models that deliver recurring services or products to customers instead of focusing on one-time sales.

Instant Entrepreneurs

Better support, incentives, and tools for entrepreneurs make it possible for anyone with an idea to launch a startup knowing that the costs and risks of failure are not as high as they once were.