Tagging Reality

People are making better use of physical objects to unlock virtual interactive content.

Retail Theater

The physical in-store experience, enhanced by social media, will drive loyalty and purchase.

Social Artivism

Artists are using social media to make stronger statements and support social causes that matter to them.

Measuring Life

Tracking tools and wearables offer personalized data to monitor and measure daily activities.


The connectivity of the digital world has made it possible for people to pool their expertise and resources, and curate more effective content and insight.

Medici Marketing

Insight from a variety of disciplines can be pooled to make marketing more engaging, creative or useful.

Digital Afterlife

New tools simplify the process of creating memorial sites & managing inevitable red tape when loved ones die.

Real-Time Logistics

Online conversation allows instant logistical & supply chain adjustments for brands.

Corporate Humanism

As people grow to expect and enjoy more personal relationships with brands, companies are seeing the value in giving their businesses a more human voice.