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Visualized Data

New design and visualization tools are helping brands simplify and communicate complex data.

Visualized Data

About This Trend:

The digital revolution has changed how we process, understand and share information in many ways. On the one hand, we have more information than ever: Sentiments, statistics, and facts about virtually any topic can be tracked online in real-time thanks to platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

On the other hand, consumers have become more visual, as social networks encourage shorter attention spans and simple, visual representations of information.

In early 2010, the GRAMMYs integrated social media into their live broadcast, using data visualization as a way to display fan sentiments and enable live voting. And as the midterm elections approached in 2011, CNN had touch screens ready to help viewers follow along as the network tracked the results and made projections.

It isn’t enough to simply gather information and share it with your audiences: To truly engage people with your data, brands must invest in people and tools that make sense of complex data in a visual way.

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