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About This Rating?

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Personality Mapping


Brands and organizations are turning to psychology to better understand the motivations and emotions behind their customers’ decisions and inspire better performance from their employees.

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About This Trend:

B2B companies used to operate under the logic that the most effective way to market their products and services was through trade shows, magazines, and targeted networking situations that ignored a simple fact: B2B buyers are humans first, and buyers second.

Consider restaurants and healthcare facilities food supplier Sysco, who decided to shift budgets out of trade shows and partner with The Food Network chef Robert Irvine, who became an official Sysco brand ambassador. The logic behind this decision was simple: The data showed that  70% of independent restaurant owners watch The Food Network at least once a week, it becomes clear that Sysco is making an effort to connect with the restaurant owners in a less conventional, more human way.

In 2015, performance glass company PPG Industries did the same thing when they introduced Glenn the Glass Guy’s new channel, where he discussed the ins and outs of performance glass as a way to educate the businesses carrying their products.

Bespoke travel agency Brown+Hudson, for example, creates each client’s itinerary based on their passions and interests. When Britain’s Premier League, one of the most respected soccer leagues in the world, rebranded, it conducted 15,000 interviews over the course of a decade to better understand the personalities of their fans.

Personality Mapping is about how brands and organizations across the world are turning to psychology to shape their messaging and give better structure to their teams.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Stories & Examples

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