Mainstream Mindfulness

Some of today’s most innovative and influential ideas are coming from complete outsiders whose unconventional quirks disrupt entire industries.

Lovable Unperfection

Today, successful marketing campaigns are putting an increasing focus on using the power of personality, quirkiness, and imperfections to create authentic with customers.

Deep Diving

While brands compete for our shrinking attention spans with more content than ever, many people prefer to go all in on the topics and experiences that truly capture their interest.

Preserved Past

Technology is offering new ways to preserve history, changing the way we learn from, experience, and remember the past in the process.

Data Overflow

Volumes of both personal and corporate-owned data are increasing at an exponential rate, creating pressure to turn that data into tools that serve as both practical and ethical instead of disconnected data points.

Heroic Design

Design is shaping the way we plan our cities, homes, and futures, and inspiring nuanced, sometimes unexpectedly heroic experiments from architects, urban planners, industrial engineers and tech gurus alike.

Insourced Incubation

Companies are building in-house innovation labs to inspire novel ideas within their four walls instead of seeking outside help. 

Automated Adulthood

More people are going through a prolonged period of emerging adulthood, focusing on their career, getting married later, and adopting technology and innovative products that automate “adult” tasks.

Optimistic Aging

After years of being told that aging is something we should hide, society is starting to appreciate the upside of getting older: financial freedom, respect, and time that the “third lifetime” can offer.


Brands are embracing their humanity, taking inspiration from other sectors and thinking more broadly about effectively marketing to people first and buyers second.