Digital Afterlife

New tools simplify the process of creating memorial sites & managing inevitable red tape when loved ones die.

Corporate Humanism

As people grow to expect and enjoy more personal relationships with brands, companies are seeing the value in giving their businesses a more human voice. 


Observation of human behavior and social interaction is inspiring some of today’s greatest tools and products. 

Pointillist Filmmaking

As new technology makes it easier for professionals and amateurs alike to make their own films, filmmakers will take advantage, weaving user-generated content together into bigger narratives.

Culting of Retail

Online retailers who offer a unique user experience inspire brand loyalty.

Addictive Randomness

Creating “random” or unexpected content creates more engaging consumer experiences.

Brutal Transparency

As consumers demand transparency from brands, marketing campaigns are being more straightforward and honest in their communications strategies.

Visualized Data

New design and visualization tools are helping brands simplify and communicate complex data. 

Rise of Curation

Brands that curate the information they share carefully are winning more trust and attracting more attention from consumers.